Project Description

Springfield Master Plan
The city of Springfield, Georgia was a thriving city during the locomotive era in early part of the 20th century. The introduction of the automobile has hindered the city’s growth and popularity. The main highway used to go through Springfield’s downtown, but the creation of a bypass has devastated the city’s economy even more. The task of the project was to create a master plan to promote the revitalization of the city’s downtown and its economy. The city’s close proximity to Savannah provides an excellent opportunity to capture day trippers or people traveling from Atlanta to Savannah. The concept was to redevelop the city’s main streets, Laurel Street and Pine Street, into a commercial and retail corridor with the idea of walkability. Laurel Street was designed to encompass larger sidewalks, bicycle paths and raised intersections to slow traffic. Pine Street, running parallel to Laurel Street, was designed to be a pedestrian street that would connect the city’s important heritage site to a cultural center on either end of the city. The retail corridor helps to attract businesses and would act as a transition between Main Street and the historic homes of Springfield.
In collaboration with Martin Rónaszegi.

Project Details

Project:The Pedestrian City
Location:Springfield, Georgia
Program:Downtown Master Plan
Date:Fall 2011
Programs Used:Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD.